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The HeLTI Research Committee in collaboration with the Harmonization Working Group and Maelstrom Research has developed a core harmonized dataset for collection across the four countries. These common measures are collected at various timepoints throughout the trials (preconception, pregnancy, infancy, and early childhood).

The below list summarizes the harmonized domains, excluding additional site-specific information collected. For a more detailed list of the prospective core variables for all collection timepoints, please visit the Maelstrom Research website here: https://www.maelstrom-research.org/network/helti.

Domains and Measures

Socio-economic status, household composition, occupation, education and GPS

Inventory during home visit

Height, sitting height, weight, adiposity, waist circumference, fetal anthropometry, head circumference, mid upper arm circumference, abdomen circumference

Diet intake, physical activity, sleep, toxic exposures

Depression, stress, self-efficacy, social support, medical history, family history, menstrual history and parity, drug supplement history, breastfeeding efficacy, anxiety

Medical history, weight, height, waist circumference, skinfolds, adiposity, mental health, blood pressure

Pregnancy/birth complications, survival, HIV status, blood pressure, clinic routine tests, medical history/allergies/immunizations

Feeding, accelerometry, sleep, screen time


Neurodevelopment, executive function, language development, temperament/behavior