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About the PI Event

OBJECTIVES of the Meet the PI event

  • Provide an opportunity for Principal Investigators (PI) and other researchers to discuss research projects/topics currently being done within HeLTI.
  • Create a platform to network on current and future collaborations.
  • Share thoughts on research challenges and opportunities.
  • Provide opportunities for guidance and support for career development across different career levels.


Meet the PI Event 

10 June 2024


Linda Booij 07:00 EDT; 12:00 GMT; 13:00 SAST; 16:30 IST; 19:00 CST Welcome!
Jianxia Fan 07:10 EDT; 12:10 GMT;13:10 SAST; 16:40 IST; 19:10 CST HeLTI China overview, recent studies and collaborating opportunities
Kalyanaraman Kumaran & Kumar Gavali 07:20 EDT; 12:20 GMT;13:20 SAST; 16:50 IST; 19:20 CST HeLTI India overview, recent studies and collaborating opportunities
Stephen Lye 07:30 EDT; 12:30 GMT;13:30 SAST;17:00 IST; 19:30 CST HeLTI South Africa overview, recent studies and collaborating opportunities
Cindy-Lee Dennis 07:40 EDT; 12:40 GMT;13:40 SAST; 17:10 IST; 19:40 CST HeLTI Canada overview, recent studies and collaborating opportunities
Facilitator: Noreth Muller-Kluit 07:50 EDT; 12:50 GMT;13:50 SAST; 17:20 IST; 19:50 CST Q&A
Linda Booij and Noreth Muller-Kluits 08:20 EDT; 13:20 GMT;14:20 SAST; 17:50 IST; 20:20 CST Early Career Researchers Engagement [Plenary]
  08:50 EDT; 13:50 GMT;14:50 SAST; 18:20 IST; 20:50 CST 10 minutes break
 Career Development Presentations Breakout Rooms:
Jean-Patrice Baillargeon, Catherine Draper and Andraea Van Hulst   09:00 EDT; 14:00 GMT;15:00 SAST;18:30 IST; 21:00 CST Career development and work/life balance
Linda Booij and Steve Lye Research grant development considerations
Rayjean Hung and Alessandra Prioreschi Leadership, Collaborations and team development
Linda Booij 10:00 EDT; 15:00 GMT;16:00 SAST; 19:30 IST; 22:00 CST Closing & Research Presentation Summaries


Meet the PI Event Poster (PDF)